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Who we are

GCF Consulting established in 1983 brings Over 30 years of experience in the Federal IT Market providing support to IT Service Providers as they expand into new Agencies and Departments in the Federal Government Market.

Greig Fields

President and Principal Consultant

  1. 30 years of Executive Sales and Technical Leadership in the Federal Market
  2. Web and Mobile Applications Development Management & Integration
  3. Enterprise Applications Design and Development;
  4. Complex Solutions Architecture
  5. Certified SCRUM Master
  6. Federal Programs Business Development and Capture Leadership
  7. Named Top Federal Executives, 2007 Federal Computer Week Magazine
  8. Professional & Consulting Services Sales
  9. PMI Certified Project Management Professional (PMP)
Company history:Established 1983   D&B 078641021
SIC Codes: 7379, 7371, 7374
LiLines of business: Computer related services, custom computer programing, data processing/preparation, General IT Consulting

Affordable High Quality Customized Applications Development

Services we offer

GCF also offers a variety of flexible engagement approaches to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Our Business and Technical Consultants have the Skills, Experience and Industry Relationships to assist our clients in a variety of areas including:

  1. • Applications Design, Development, Integration and Management
  2. • Business Analysis, Modeling and Simulation Tools & Services
  3. • Business Development & Capture Management
  1. • Organizational Integration and Process Improvement
  2. • Change Management Leadership
  3. • Technology Strategy Development


Solutions we provide



BD-in-a-Box Video Overview

Business Development (BD) is an integrated, end-to-end, disciplined approach to developing your business in accordance with your business strategy, goals, and objectives. It is more than hiring/retaining Business Developers or identifying opportunities and putting them in your funnel. True business development is an all-encompassing activity that includes account planning, capture, pursuit, & opportunity planning, teaming partner management, solution development, and proposal response & submittal.
  1. BD-in-a-Box is proven to help:
  2. • Promote transparency of Business Development efforts across the organization.
  3. • Facilitate planning and forecasting of revenue and B&P investment.
  4. • Optimize utilization of scarce resources for maximum ROI.
  5. • Expedite proposal development and reduce cost of rework with clear guidance and reusable templates.
  6. • Align proposal development efforts with customer expectations and proven business development and management processes.
  7. • BD-in-a-Box uses patented technology as a basis to deliver an all-inclusive, comprehensive, end-to-end integrated approach to Business Development.


Our services help ensure that all aspects critical to successful Business Development are managed, orchestrated, and integrated together for optimum results.
  1. 1. Strategic Planning and Goal setting
    • Forecast revenue based on available B&P investment & resources.
    • Forecast B&P required for specific revenue targets.
    • Identify target funnel required to meet forecasted revenue and B&P goals.

  2. 2. Account Management
    • Develop Account Plans & Strategy.
    • Facilitate Quarterly Account Reviews.

  1. 3. Opportunity Management
    • Develop Capture Plans.
    • Develop and Facilitate Color Team Reviews.

  2. 4. Funnel Management
    • Convert current opportunities/B&P pursuits into a funnel format.
    • Build a robust funnel to support management goals.
    • Optimize resource utilization on pursuits
    • Ensure that funnel is of appropriate "shape".
Specializing in Developing Customized Applications targetted to the U.S. Federal Market


GCGCF Consulting is a Limited Liability Company based in Maryland. Our mission is simple: to accelerate the market growth of IT Service Providers into new Departments & Agencies in the Federal Government. Are you ready for ACCELERATED GROWTH?


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  • 1604 Dickens Place Upper Marlboro, MD 20774


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